31. 08. 2014

We are our habits, and it’s time to change them

Fixing broken habits It’s not impossible to correct habits we dislike, but it is difficult. Your mind will get in your way. It likes things just the way they are and will fight...

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23. 08. 2014

Leveraging Habits to Complete all your Goals

If you search the web for “completing my goals” you invariably hear the same advice; write them down, track them daily, get others involved, etc.. For most people this never happens and why...

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02. 08. 2014

Internal Strength – Prepared for Anything

This quote was posted as part of an article from ZenHabits – How to Be Prepared for Anything. The article focuses on being prepared, but from the standpoint of a stoic.┬áMeaning that we...

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26. 07. 2014

Learn to Stretch better

A friend asked if I knew any stretches and of course I wanted to help. He was having the same problems I have, lower back pain, which stretching and exercise have fixed. I’ve...

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19. 07. 2014
Marcus Aurelius Stoicism

Don’t be angry be stoic

You control your own thoughts and no one else. It’s reasonable to say that you make yourself angry all the time and do not realize it. For example, heavy traffic, guy cuts you...

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06. 01. 2014
Still Life Fruit Bowl Apple Pear

An Apple and a Pear Still Life

I needed a good reason this weekend to pull out the camera. Still life I pondered, I can do that and off I went to raid the kitchen. After some trial and error...

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25. 05. 2013
3 men and a wall

Can three guys on a wall become a picture?

Can three guys on a wall become a picture? I was walking in NYC the other day and loved this brick all. It’s located down in the Little Italy section of town. I...

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18. 05. 2013
Coffee Shop in Little Italy NYC

Coffee Shop in Little Italy NYC

I try to get to the city at least once a month and enjoy walking around watching. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but there are some things that remind me of...

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11. 05. 2013
St Thomas Beach Stairs

A Walk To the Beach – St. Thomas USVI

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity. Once in a while when I stop and pay attention I begin to notice I miss a good...

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30. 03. 2013
New York City Fire Escape

New York City Fire Escape

Anything can become a photograph. I noticed this building when walking in downtown New York City. I loved the simplicity of the pattern. The way the simple colors worked on the wall, window...

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