Evernote – Post-it notes on steroids.

Evernote is an Information gathering and management tool. The tool allows the user to save and organize anything from text to pictures.

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Create ICO files from GIFs

Found this great online site for creating quick ico files. It can be found here and you only need to select the file. The site does all the work for you.

Wonder if your site is blocked in China?

You can goto this site and test your URL. greatfirewallofchina.org tests your url and will report a pass or fail. They are working to fight against censorship on the internet. All my websites pass, you?

NewsGator Extends RSS-Reading Capabilities to Lotus Platform

On March 28th NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS company, announced the release of two Domino based RSS plug-ins. The plug-ins will work with release 6.5 and newer and they are working on a plug-in for Sametime 7.5 too.

“In a recent Forrester study of CIOs, 81 percent of CIOs at firms with more than 500 employees were adopting RSS to improve the efficiency of their businesses. “

RSS is a welcome addition to the Domino Collaboration environment.

Great Forfox Extensions

Bored? If so then the StumbleUpon add-on is for you. This add-on allows you to “channel surf” the internet for interesting sites. If your a web developer there is a tool Firebug, which comes in handy for debugging web applications and ScribeFire is another useful tool if you updates one or more Blogs.

Deciding on a Topic

Talk about Writers block…

I started this blog for no particular reason and at the same time to fill a need to share what I’ve learned. Or more importantly to share the things I am learning. I do agree with my father who said “the first 100 years is the hardest.”

However, I am stuck on a theme or topic. My current title is to general and doesn’t really narrow down my thoughts. What does one write about when one is interested in several topics? I wonder if there is a wish list of blogs out there.

Has anyone seen such a thing? or have any ideas?

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