NewsGator Extends RSS-Reading Capabilities to Lotus Platform

On March 28th NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS company, announced the release of two Domino based RSS plug-ins. The plug-ins will work with release 6.5 and newer and they are working on a plug-in for Sametime 7.5 too.

“In a recent Forrester study of CIOs, 81 percent of CIOs at firms with more than 500 employees were adopting RSS to improve the efficiency of their businesses. “

RSS is a welcome addition to the Domino Collaboration environment.

Deciding on a Topic

Talk about Writers block…

I started this blog for no particular reason and at the same time to fill a need to share what I’ve learned. Or more importantly to share the things I am learning. I do agree with my father who said “the first 100 years is the hardest.”

However, I am stuck on a theme or topic. My current title is to general and doesn’t really narrow down my thoughts. What does one write about when one is interested in several topics? I wonder if there is a wish list of blogs out there.

Has anyone seen such a thing? or have any ideas?

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