WD 2TB Hard drive Memorial day sale.

Western Digital – WD Elements 2TB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Best buy is having a sale on the Western Digital 2TB external hard drive unit. The cost is $119.99

Say Cheese!!

With the right subject Portrait work can be fun and down right rewarding. For years now my nephew Ben has been such a subject. He is always comfortable in front of the camera and a ham to boot. The shot above was taken in 2009 during a family gathering. The shot wasn’t staged, I followed Ben and his sister around the house and continued to record whatever was happening at the time.

I was working with my Nikon SB-800 and using it to black out the background. The shot was taken46mm at iso:200, 1/60 at f5.6 -1/2 EV. The flash was set to +1/2 ev to add more light to Ben’s face. Other then my spelling mistake “photography” at the bottom, I was happy with this shot and so was his mom.

Happy Shooting…

MB-D10 – D700/300 Power Battery Pack

On May 14th I turned 39 and my wife got me the Nikon MB-D10 for my birthday. I was interested in this piece of gear to extend the existing grip and add the vertical grip to my D700. In addition, it adds  additional battery power, and increases the frame rate to 8fps from the standard 5 fps.

It fits tightly on the D700 housing

It can leverage the EN-EL3E battery or the EN-EL4 or EN-EL4A battery with an additional part — BL-3 Battery Chamber.

It also added additional controls to the vertical position. Nikon has added the AF-ON action, control joystick and the dials to control aperture and shutter speed.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of equipment and if nothing else, it will allow you to take vertical photos with more control. You can find this at B&H for about $240.00 US Dollars.

Happy shooting…

Erika’s 10th Birthday

Ride to the “Top of the Rock”

For my niece’s 10th birthday, she asked to go to the top of Rockefeller Center, called the “top of the rock”. The shot below was taken from my hip as we rode the elevator to the top. I set my D700 to ISO 6400 and hoped for the best. During post processing I used NIK DFine 2.0 to reduce the noise. I was happy with the results, it reminds me of a club.

Happy Shooting…

Nikon Nikkor Lens Simulator

The ability to test a lens without leaving your desk!

Did you ever wonder what a lens would look like before traveling to the store or just buying it. I think most of us have, if you’ve owned enough lenses you’ll already have an idea, but for most of us this tool is a great way to see your camera with the lens you’re dying to buy.

The simulator provides three different pictures to test with, a slider to change the focal length, and the ability to select your exact camera and lens. You can even save the configurations for reuse. Excellent tool Nikon.

The simulator can be found here.

Happy Shooting…

NYC Streets – The News

News in NYC

I got this shot by chance while attending the DLWS workshop in NYC. We had just finished our walk through Washington Sq and started north. The sun was rising and the light looked great. The way the light came through the trees and landed on these newsstands caught my eye and I needed to stop for the shot. This shot was a result of a comment Moose Peterson made to me the day before — Follow the light —

The end result was this shot and a feeling of NYC in the morning.

New York City – Imagine

Strawberry Fields – Imagine

Strawberry Fields is a 2.5 acre landscaped area in central park, which was constructed to commemorate John Lennon and is named after the song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” I participated in a NYC workshop with Moose Peterson. During the workshop, a friend of mine Joe Rowland mentioned strawberry fields and off we went.

The area is small and easily missed, but the image made it all worth the walk.

Imagine NYC Central Park

Happy Shooting.