Fall Foliage landscape daniel k horton

Fall Foliage images to get inspired

It’s time to begin thinking and acting on this great fall foliage. This year the color seems to be fading fast, so getting out to shoot now is critical. I know I miss the perfect window most years and regret it.

To help get you get motivated I’ve added some links below, two with pictures and two with some instructional help.

Some tips from other photographers.

And don’t forget search fall foliage in google > navigate to the images tab and you will get more inspiring photographs.


Happy Shooting..


Scott Kelby 4th Annual Photo Walk


For the last three years Scott Kelby has organized an international photo walk. Last year I participate in the Cold Springs NY walk with Jaime Martorano, an outstanding photographer, and several other good photographers. We spent the afternoon walking around cold springs and later in the day met up with two models willing to pose for us. I came away with some good shots:



This years event is scheduled for October 1-2, 2011 and you can search for a location at the Scott Kelby Photowalk Location Page. This year Jamie is leading the Piermont NY photowalk on Saturday and I’m also going to join the West Point walk on Sunday afternoon. The only problem I have now is the website will not let me sign up for both walks!

If you do attend there are PRIZES — Pictures are uploaded after the walks and you can win one of the following prizes.

Grand Prize:

  • Full Adobe CS5 Suite
  • Epson R3000 Printer
  • PhotoshopWorld Ticket
  • Full Library of Kelby Books
  • iPad (32GB)
  • $500 B&H Photo Gift Card
  • 2 Light Kit w/Box Stands, Clamps & Case from Westcott
  • Nik Software Suite
  • OnOne Software Suite
  • One Year NAPP Membership
  • One Year Kelby Training Subscription

10 Finalists:

  • Nik Software Suite
  • OnOne Software Suite
  • One Year NAPP Membership
  • One Year Kelby Training Subscription
  • Scott Kelby’s Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It Book
  • $100 B&H Photo Gift Card

Local Walk Winners:

  • Each local Photo Walk winner will receive a copy of Scott Kelby’s Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It Book


Good Luck and Happy Shooting…

Use Composition to create great photos

Do you find yourself wishing your photos were more like your favorite photographers? Did you ever wonder just how they did it, get that shot that makes people stop and stare for hours? It’s one part experience and one part skill and we can learn the skills.  There are several techniques and tools, but I will tell you composition is a great place to start. Even the simplest camera can take great photos if composed well. Not convinced, then I would recommend reviewing some of the iPhone work from Chase Jarvis.  If you can construct a great photo with an iPhone then it’s all up hill from here.

Let’s begin our discussion with the rule of thirds. This is the most often discussed rule and the easiest to implement.  This one rule will help you increase the overall impact of your photos. In future posts I will continue to add to this rule by covering:

  • disappearing lines,
  • monotonous content,
  • light and textures, and
  • depth of field.

The rule works by creating an imaginary tic-tac-toe board in the view finder.  You want to break the view in to 9 segments, two vertical and two horizontal lines. The rule states that you should leverage the points of intersection and the lines to compose your photographs.  It is believed that these lines and points will create additional strength, interest, and drama in your photographs.

The photographs below demonstrate the imaginary tic-tac-toe board that you would see through your view finder.The first photo was taken at a concert and I wanted to convey the passion and feeling I heard in the music the Bobby Kyle Blues Band was playing. I placed Everett Boyd in the top right section of the photo and worked to place the point of interest on his face.   A larger copy of Everett can be seen in my gallery.

This photography was taken one night from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge.  In this photo you can see that the same rules work for landscapes.  I leveraged this rule by placing the main bridge structure on the left line and broke the picture up into a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio with the water line on the bottom.  You can view a larger copy of the Brooklyn Bridge on my gallery site.

Google has several other photos that demonstrate the rules of thirds.

One last point – Rules are made to be broken – Once you feel comfortable with this rule I suggest you look for ways to break it. You will take your composition to the next level. Have fun implementing the rule of thirds.

Happy Shooting…

Cold Springs NY -Scott Kelby Photo Walk July 24, 2010

The 3rd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

Photo by Scott Kelby

Photo by Scott Kelby

This Saturday over 30,000 people around the world will unite in walking and taking photos. This is a great opportunity to meet other photographers in your area, share idea’s and maybe find a new spot for future walks. Additional details are located on Scott Kelby Blog.

I’ll be attending the Cold Springs, NY photo walk. Please send me a note or comment if your in the area and attending.

You can sign up for the Cold Springs, NY Scott Kelby Photo Walk here.

A night with the Bobby Kyle Band

Bobby Kyle

Bobby Kyle

Last weekend, July 10th, I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop hosted by Joe Dimaggio. The assignment was to meet and photograph the Bobby kyle band. The band performed at the Historic Greeley Inn in PA. The place didn’t look like much, but the owners were great and the food was good. I’d stop back for a beer and the buffet anytime.

The band was great, Bobby, Marc, and Everett put their heart and soul into their music and you could feel it. You can hear a sampling of the band by checking out the “After the Storm” album on his web site or listening to “Work it out” from this link. In addition to the band we had the opportunity to work with Sara Clash (Photo of Sara Clash). She is an up and coming blues signer with an outstanding voice. During her sets she asked for a suggestion, coffee was mentioned, and she proceeded to write a song about coffee on the fly. Great work from both groups and worth a listen.
Everett Boyd

Everett Boyd

The workshop started at Joe’s studio. As a group we reviewed some of Joe’s work and discussed the task of photographing the band. After an hour or so we headed up to the Greeley Inn.

We arrived early enough to catch the band during their sound check. We all used this opportunity to check our equipment, test the lighting, and get an idea of where we would like to stand. It also allowed the band to get used to all eight of us taking pictures of them and for us to see how the band acts on stage.

I’m guessing but being chased around by a group of photographers is probably not a normal event.

The first assignment was to shoot environmental shots of the band members. My friend Brian Struble and I had the opportunity to photograph Sarah. We leveraged a window at the back of the room. The late day light was perfect and with a reflector we were able to get some great shots. Next I had 60 seconds to photograph Marc Copell. He was a great guy with a consistent smile and a fun personality and we all agreed that the hat was a perfect addition. I ended up shooting him outside in the back of the building. He was front lit and I wish I’d had the time to us a reflector and brighten his eyes. I was still happy with the picture, but I feel it could have been better.

Marc Copell

Marc Copell

The last assignment was a 60 second shoot with Bobby. He was stationed by Joe in the back window where Brian and I shot Sarah earlier that day.  Again I didn’t look for the reflector and I wish I did, but without someone to hold it, well it didn’t seem logical.  I ended up asking Bobby to turn enough so the light from the window would light both sides of his face and make the triangle under the far eye. I ended up with the picture above and I think it came out good for only having 60 seconds to make the shot.

At 8 PM the bands starting playing and we proceeded to photograph the band well into the night. I personally stayed to around midnight and had to leave before I got tired. This was a great opportunity and the first time I photographed a band. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I also believe I’ll be looking for other reasons to shoot bands. Hopefully you’ll have a reason to shoot a band or two too.

Post me a link if you have some examples of band photography or Ideas for getting in to shoot bands.

The complete portfolio of Bobby Kyle Band Photos
The complete portfolio of Sara Clash Photos

Happy Shooting…

SanDisk Launches Professional Photography Contest on Facebook (Press Release)

You can read more about the Sandisk Contest on this site or open the Sandisk facebook page directly.

Sigma releases service notice for latest telephoto lenses

Sigma issued a warning for some recently released telephoto lenses that may have an autofocus problem.

  • APO 50-500mm F4.5-6.3DG OS HSM
    • Serial Numbers between 10633051 and 10972000
  • APO 120-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM
    • Serial Numbers between 10574001 and 10972000
  • APO 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM
    • Serial Numbers between 10674301 and 10972000

The serial numbers are listed on thier site and they are offering free repair if you are experiencing problems.

Find a Sigma service center

Lightroom 3 is now available

The newest version of lightroom, version 3, is now available for purchase.

Some useful links:

Happy Shooting…